Fuck This Website

Juvenile, profane, and timeless, FUCK this book collects images of real public signs that have been mischieveously altered by stickers bearing the most expressive of all four letter words.

Submit Your Photos

Thanks to the wild success of the books, and an amazing amount of audience participation, I’ve received so many photos that this site is now updated daily, so bookmark it.

Want to join in on the fun? Get stickers, take photos, and submit. Send as many photos as you want, but only the best (they have to actually be funny) will be featured on the site . Also, Don’t send me any Photoshopped bullshit, I WILL know. Have the guts to actually stick your sticker on something, stand back a few feet, and take a photo.

Files should be saved in jpeg format, and emailed to me up to 10mb in size.

Send them as an e-mail attachment to .

I will only post the location (make sure to include it) of the photo and your first name. I will only use your e-mail address to contact you about using your photo in the next book. I hate junk mail too, and will never distribute or sell your information.

What the Fuck?

I don't know, just had the idea one day and thought it would be funny. So I printed out stickers in a bunch of different sizes, took them everywhere with me, and started taking photos. It quickly turned into an obsession, and I ended up with a book. So then I asked for audience participation, and we ended up with another book. Want to join in on the fun? Submit your photos and if they’re good enough, we’ll post them.

Fuck The World by Bodhi Oser Fuck This Book by Bodhi Oser