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Juvenile, profane, and timeless, FUCK this book collects images of real public signs that have been mischieveously altered by stickers bearing the most expressive of all four letter words.

Bring Them Inside

From: Curtis, Joe, and Demi. Perry Hall, MD

8 Comments on “Bring Them Inside”

  1. SPLEEN!! says:

    Should have said: “Fuck them inside” !

  2. lknkl says:

    omg wat the fuck is your problem that wasnt even funny. if i cood gess were you came from it wood probably be on the streets because u may be a ritch upper east new york person but you sound like a dumass this hol website isnt even funny! you guys are SOOOOOO imature to laugh about sex. anyways people that talk alot about sex usually dont get anyso i feel bad for you

  3. cikkki says:

    This sign was actually a good message, you shouldn’t have defaced it. still funny though.

  4. lknklisamoron says:

    lknkl is a FUCKing moron

  5. lknklisadouche says:

    wow inkli is a spammer he posted the exact same thing on another pic under a diff name

  6. Ilyo says:

    Iknkl, if all the people in upper east new york spell could ‘cood’ and mix the word any and so as if they were the same word I’d rather hang out with people on the street who can actually spell simple elementary words…

  7. Yarrmander says:

    @lknkl I lol’d. i wood gess dat u r a strait ay stoodent “You sound like a dumbass” OOOKAY MISTER GENIUS.

  8. lknklisFUCKingretarded says:

    wow … uhmm , i laughed my ass off at this .. so lknkl is a dumbFUCK with no sense of humor .. if you dont like the website .. dont go on it …

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