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Juvenile, profane, and timeless, FUCK this book collects images of real public signs that have been mischieveously altered by stickers bearing the most expressive of all four letter words.


From: Sam, Los Angeles, CA

6 Comments on “Relatives”

  1. okjikm says:

    omg wat the fuck is your problem that wasnt even funny. if i cood gess were you came from it wood probably be on the streets because u may be a ritch upper east new york person but you sound like a dumass this hol website isnt even funny! you guys are SOOOOOO imature to laugh about sex. anyways people that talk alot about sex usually dont get anyso i feel bad for you

  2. apfunction says:

    Dude. Shut the FUCK up, and get the FUCK off this website. Douchebag.

  3. okjikmspams says:


  4. meh says:

    Oh my god what the fuck is your problem, That wasn’t even funny. If I could guess where you came from, it would probably be on the streets. Because you may be a rich upper east new york person, but you sound like a dumbass. This hole website isn’t even funny! you guys are so imature to laugh about sex. Anyways people that talk a lot about sex usually don’t get anywhere, so I feel bad for you.*

    And lrn2english you dumb fuck…

  5. meh says:

    whole* oops…

  6. E.Rick says:

    wow… This guy “Meh” has no hummor and NO ENGLISH!

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What the Fuck?

I don't know, just had the idea one day and thought it would be funny. So I printed out stickers in a bunch of different sizes, took them everywhere with me, and started taking photos. It quickly turned into an obsession, and I ended up with a book. So then I asked for audience participation, and we ended up with another book. Want to join in on the fun? Submit your photos and if they’re good enough, we’ll post them.

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